The Bridge

It's so hard to be original. 

Everything we have ever done has been done before. I feel like a copy of a copy, a carbon copy of a copy. It's a lament experienced by artists from all backgrounds, no doubt. The music industry feels so saturated, with band after band receiving - let's face it - Triple J attention and becoming relevant for what seems the blink of an eye.  


Are the days gone where an artist could potentially create a truly unique and original sound? To stay relevant for the span of their lifetime? I'm waiting in the wings, I need a new hero. I need an amazing  act to renew my faith in the idea of true originality. 


I've been revisiting a lot of the bands that initially broke me from the hold of commercial radio. Rage Against the Machine features rather highly in this personal reflection. RATM developed a truly revolutionary sound - that there;s no dount in my mind had a dramatic impact on a generations psyche. As an artist there is nothing more soul destroying than believing you have written a great song then for a friend to say "hey, that kinda sounds like.." aaargh. 

So how did RATM do it? How can we aspire to do it? 

Interestingly, I think isolation can really help. Being from a small town that encourages original music, without the influence of a highly developed music scene shaping you to fit a particular format, is no doubt beneficial. 

So what is a reasonable goal to aim for an an original artist nowadays? A cracking live show is a good place to start, making your music something bigger than yourself. Perhaps if we focus on creating something special for the audience, their belief will lead to a space an individual or band is unable to imagine themselves.


To me, that's kind of exciting. 

Happy new year friends.


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